December 2011

Japan assists the Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon

Japan assists the "institut de Reeducation Audio Phonetique" (IRAP)


November 2011

Japan assists the Father Robert's Institute for Young Deaf


October 2011

Japan assists the National Institution for Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT)


September 2011

Japan assists Dan Church Aid for disposal of landmines and unexploded cluster munitions.


July 2011

Japan assists the Lebanese Society for the Blind and Deaf.


June 2011

Japan Recieves Condolences and Donation from Armenian Relief Society for the Japanese People

who were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake


April 2011

For Persons Who Wishes to Enter Japan after the Expiration of their Certificate of Eligibility,

Due to the Great East japan Earthquake

Information on safety in relation to radioactivity levels

Japanese Government(Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students


March 2011

Tohoku district-off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake(31 March 2011)

Japan assists the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation in Chouf

Japan assists Armenian Education Benevolent Union (23 March 2011)

Japan assists the Forum of the Handicapped in North Lebanon (23 March 2011)

Japan supports the Reconstruction of Nahr El-Bared palestine Refugee Camp

(22 March 2011)

Japan assists Birds Nest Armenian Orphanage (16 March 2011)


February 2011

Japan assists Father Afif Osseiran Foundation in Fanar (3 February 2011)

Japan assists Norwegian People’s Aid in Lebanon(24 February 2011)

Japan assists Ain Anoub Youth Uprising Charitable Organization(24 February 2011)



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Press Conference by The Press Secretary of MOFA



Outline of New Immigration Procedures: Requirements for the Provision of Personal Information