Annex 2
GGP Projects implemented in Lebanon since 1996

JFY (Japanese Fiscal Year) 1996 (4 projects, US$173,407)
NB: The Japanese Fiscal Year starts on April 1

-Training Equipment Supply for the Computer Laboratory II of Ali Al Akbar Technical and Vocational Institute, Doha (south suburb of Beirut).
-Drinking Water Supply to the Village of Howsh El Sayed Ali, Beqaa.
-Rehabilitation for the Public Park of Raas El Ain, City of Baalbeck.

-Educational Material Supply for the Laboratories of Islamic University of Lebanon, Khalde (south of Beirut).


JFY1997 (5 projects, US$244,230)

-Drinking Water Supply and Irrigation to the Village of Mchaityeh, Beqaa.
-Drinking Water Supply to the Village of Mazraat Beit Slaibi, Beqaa.
-Educational Material Supply for Computer Laboratory of Bilal Fahas School, Toul (the Nabatiyeh).
-Improvement of National Rehabilitation and Development Center, Aley.
-Setting Up the Community Room in Our Lady Antonine School, Hasroun (the North).



JFY1998 (7 projects, US$262,358)

-Construction of Al-Tanmia School and Orphanage, Nabi-Sheet (Beqaa).
-Improvement of Inma Dispensary, Kefraya (Koura, the North).
-Equipment Supply for Nabih Berri Rehabilitation Foundation, Sarafand (the south).
-Educational Material Supply to Irfan School-Simkanieh (the Mount Lebanon).
-School Bus Supply to the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Jamhour (the Mount Lebanon).
-Vocational Training for the Disabled (the south suburb of Beirut).
-Pond Construction at the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve, Barouk Mountain.


JFY1999 (10 projects) US$364,233

-Electronic braille printer supply for Al-Hadi Institution for the blind and deaf in Ghobeiry, Beirut.
-Sports, educational and medical equipment supply for Amel Association Center in Hay Al-Sellum, in Beirut's southern suburb.
-Water well equipment supply for Btedai Municipality in Baalbeck, in cooperation with UNIDRP and the Local Development and Credit Committee.
-Support for the project of digging a well for Deir Al Qamar Municiplality in Chouf.
-Support for the project of digging a well in Tannourine, north Lebanon.
-Dental clinic equipemnt and medical analysis Laboratory to the "Association L'Ovoire Notre Dome de la Delivrance" dispensary in Ras El Dekwaneh, Beirut.
-Special bus to the "Civil Association for Child Care" (Ascauvel) to transport mentally retarded children to and fron the Association's School.
-Support to the "Association for the Development of North Lebanon" for the project of constructing a well and a pumping station for drinking water in the town of Bebnin, Akkar, in North Lebanon.
-Supply of Electricity Laboratory to the Vocational Tarining Center of the Makased Islamic Philanthropic Association.
-Supply of kitchen equipment for women's vocational training to the St. Vincent de Paul Association in Metn.


JFY2000 (14 projects) approximately US$560,757

-Supply of publication equipment to the National Association for the Rights of Disabled People in Beirut.
-Assistance for pine forest rehabilitation to the Green Future in Jezzine, south Lebanon.
-Supply of agricultural vehicle to the Agricultural Cooperative in Jezzine, south Lebanon.
-Supply of microbus to the Local Council for the Welfare of the handicapped in Burj al-Barajneh, southern suburb of Beirut.
-Spply of medical equipment to the Dispensary of Inma Cultural and Social Development Association in Khiyam, south Lebanon.
-Supply of medical equipment to the Dispensary of the Women Charitable Association in Btekhnay, upper Metn.
-Assistance for the rehabilitation of rain water pond and water well for agricultural in Kounine, south Lebanon, through Mercy Corps International.
-Supply of medical equipment to the Family Health Center of Amel Association in Khyiam, south Lebanon.
-Supply of medical equipment for optholmalogical clinic to South Lebanese Society for the Blind in Nabatieh, south Lebanon.
-Supply of ambulance to the Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon, Beirut.
-Provision of a Braille Printer for the blind with the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf in Baabda.
-Assistance for rehabilitation of water well in Al-Ram Village, Baalbeck, with the Local Development And Credit Committee of Al-Ram.
-Assistance for rehabilitation of water well in Al-Kaddan village, Baalbeck. with the Local Development And Credit Committee of Al-Kaddam.
-Assistance for renovation of Al-Khayryah elementary school in Shebaa, South Lebanon, with Mercy Corps International,.


JFY2001 (20 projects) approximately US$860,688

-Provision of medical equipment for the Emergency Department of the Armenian Sanatorium in Azounieh, Akkar.
-Provision of medical equipment to the dispensary of St. Vincent de Paul Association in Zalka.
-Provision of medical equipment to the medical laboratory of the Committee of Humanity and Social Services in the North of Lebanon in Halba, Akkar.
-Establishment of Agricultural Technology Center with World Vision Lebanon in Debl, South Lebanon.
-Construction of well for drinking water with the Municipality of Mukhtara, Shouf.
-Provision of two school buses for the Elementary School of Dr. Mohamed Khaled Social Foundation in Ouzai, Beirut.
-Provision of high-speed Braille Printer for the social integration of visually impaired children with Save the Children (UK) Lebanon at the premises of the Ministry of Education, Beirut.
-Provision of equipment for a polyclinic at the town of Fakha, North Beqaa, with Secours Populaire Libanais.
-Support for the humanitarian demining action in South Lebanon with Mine Advisory Group (MAG).
-Provision of physio therapy equipment to the Social Services Association Hospital in Abi Samra, Tripoli.
-Construction of irrigation canal in Bentawi, Jezzine with the Agricultural Cooperative of Bentawi.
-Provsion of hearing aids to hearing-impaired children in Burj Abi Haidar, Beirut, with the Social and Human Care Association.
-Renovation of the Delivery Section at the Irfan Hospital in Simqaniyah with the Irfan Establishment.
-Provision of educational material to the public schools of Mashghara, Saghbeen and Marj with the Association of the Development of Education in Beqaa.
-Support for improving the portable network system in Ablah, west Beqaa, with Ablah Municipality.
-Developing a medical laboratory in the Zgharta Community Clinic with the Renee Moawad Foundation.
-Provision of a school bus to the Boarding Center of the Lebanse Children Association in Jouar al-Bouachek, Kesrowan.

-Provision of equipping Nature Awareness Center at Shou Cedar Reserve with Shouf Cedar Society.

-Provision of educational equipment for the vocational training to the Social Relief and Welfare Society.

-Construction of a new school building to the School for Children with Special Need, Aita Chaab.


JFY2002 (26 projects) approximately US$1,181,594

-Equipping dispensaries to the Human Development Movement in Batroun, North Lebanon.
-Rehabilitation hospitalization services in Quarantaine Beirut Hospital.
-Constructing a water reservoir in Moukhtara in coperation with the Mukhtara Municipality.
-Replacement machine tools at the technical training school of Father Afif Osseiran Foundation in Fanar, Metn.
-Provision of educational equipments to the Learning Center for the Deaf, in Badaro, Beirut.
-Provision of Medical equipments to Child Care Association in Rashaya, Dahr El-Ahmar.
-Provision of medical equipments to Chronic Care Center in Hazmieh, Beirut.
-Provision of medical equipments to Socio-Medical Center of the Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon, Burj Hammoud Branch.
-Provision of personal computers to Charity Association of Ali Jammal for Social Welfare in Jwaya, Nabatiyeh.
-Provision of adjustable electrical beds to Foyer Saint Georges in Achrafieh, Beirut.
-Constructing a water reservoir at Centre Mar Semaan Orphanage in Karm El-Joz, Metn.
-Provision of a bus and special equipments for the blind to Azm and Saade Association in Tripoli, North Lebanon.
-Enlargement of water channels from natural springs to the town of Sofar, Aley, in cooperation with Nature San Fronties.
-Equipping Community Center in Zgharta in cooperation with the Municipality of Zgharta and Ehden.
-Provision of a school bus to Armenian Orphanage "Birds' Nest" in Jbeil.
-Provsion of basic Beekeeping Skills Training for Women in cooperation with the Makhzoumi Foundation, Akkar, North Lebanon.
-Provision of a tractor and its implements to the Gharifeh Agricultural Cooperative Association in Gharifeh, Chouf.
-Equipping the Nursery of the Charitable Woman's Progress Association with a Central Heating System in Nabatiyeh, South Lebanon.
-Provision of equipments for the Kamel Yousef Jaber Cultural & Social Center in Nabatiyeh.
-Provision of medical equipments and an electrical generator to Center for Social Services and Development, Burj el Barajneh, Beirut.
-Provision of equipment to the Child and Mother Welfare Society Hospital in Beirut.
-Provision of ambulance to the Enlightment and Benevolence Association, El-Minyeh, North Lebanon.
-Establishing an Olive oil Bottling center at the Agricultural Coop for Olive Farmers in Baaqline, Shouf.
-Provision of medical Equipment to the Motherhood Committee in Lebanon, Aley.
-Rehabilitating a Village Pond for Irrigation and Livestock in Kaoukaba Abou Arab, Hasbaya, in cooperation with Mercy Corps.
-Establishing a functrional and endoscopy unit at the Health Establishment of The Druze Community, Ain Wazein, Shouf.


JFY2003 (23 projects) approximately US$1,294,073

-Erecting an extension to the Noura School Building in cooperation with the Financial Committee of the Noura School in the village of Noura, Akkar.

-Provision of mine detection dogs support to mine clearance in cooperation with MAG Mines Advisory Group in south Lebanon.
-Providing machinery for environmental improvement in Kfarhouna in cooperation with the Municipality of Kfahouna.
-Providing hearing assessment instruments for the deaf to the Friends in Need Association for the Deaf in Tripoli
-Renovating the "Home of Our Lady of Tenderness" for the Handicapped in cooperation with the Home of Lady of Tenderness Association in Broummana, Metn.
-Provision of bus equipped with lifter for the disabled in cooperation with Anta Akhi Association in Ballouneh, Kesrouane.
-Equipping the the Medical Rehabilitation Hospital of Dr. Mohammad Khaled Social Foundation in Beirut with a diesel generator
-Providing equipment for the workshops of general and car mechanic to Father Afif Osseiran Foundation in Fanar.
-Completing the third floor of Deir El Ahmar Health Center in cooperation with Medical Center of Deir Al-Ahmar.
-Establishment of "Al-Tilal" Institute for women's vocational training in Maad (rural Jbeil) in cooperation with ALDEC (Lebanese Association for Development and Culture).
-Providing medical equipment to the Nabatiyeh hospital of Secours Populaire Libanais.
-Providing medical equipment for the Daroun-Harissa medical center in cooperation with Municipality of Daroun-Harissa, Kesrouane.
-Providing X-ray bone densitomenter for the Saint Vincent de Paul Charitable Association in Zalka, Metn.
-Completing Mosan day-care center for people with special needs in cooperation with the Rural Development Association, Tyre, Borj el-Shamali.
-Equipping the radiology department of Tannourine Governmental Hospital in Tannourine, Batroun.
-Equipping the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School building in Anjar, Beqaa.
-Purchase of a tractor and its implements in cooperation with the Municipality of Dahr Al Ahmar, Rachaya El Wadi.
-Constructing a potable water reservoir in Kfarhim in cooperation with the Municipality of Kfarhim, Shouf.
-Provision of machinery for solid waste collection and transportation in cooperation with the Municipality of Amioune, North Lebanon.
-Equipping the Rehabilitation Center for Communicative Disorders in cooperation with the Welfare Association for Disabled Care in Nabatiyeh.
-Establishing Public Garden for Children in cooperation with the Municipality of Jounieh.
-Rehabilitating demined areas through planting trees in cooperation with the Municipality of Houla and UNIFIL.
-Establishing a Computer Laboratory at the Girls Section of the Islamic Technical Institute in cooperation with the Association for Charity and Culture in Beirut.


JFY2004 (16 projects, US$1,078,723)

-Provision of Medical Equipment to Governmental Hospital of Ehden
-Mine Detection Dog Support to Mine Clearance in Deir El-Qamar
-Rehabilitating Irfan School in Simkanieh
-Equipping an Industrial Kitchen for Vocational Training in Majdlaya
-Extension of the Drug Rehabilitation Center of Oum El Nour
-Completing the Dormitory for the Disabled
-Provision of a Truck for Solid Waste Collection and Transportation in Ebel Es-Saqi
-Providing Laundry Equipments to the Hospital of Social Services Association in Tripoli
-Constructing a Water Reservoir in Assia
-Provision of Two Anesthesia Systems to Tel Chiha Hospital
-Providing Training and Equipping Women’s Empowerment Center in Arsaal
-Equipping the Social Center of SOS Children’s Villages in Ksarnaba
-Providing Medical Equipments to Lebanon Family Planning Association Medical Centers
-Project for Provision of Medical Equipment Child Welfare Association in Rashaya
-Provision of Medical Equipment to Saint Vincent de Paul Dispensary in Cornet Chahwan
-Rehabilitating and Equipping the Learning Center for the Deaf


JFY2005 (18 projects, US$1,004,878)

-Provision of Training Equipment to Sidon Technical Institute for Young Women
-Construction of Six Classrooms in Days of Hope Center
-Rehabilitating and Equipping Natasha Saad National School
-Providing Medical Equipment to the Lebanese Child Welfare Association Clinic in Niha
-Rehabilitating and Furnishing Lebanese Child Home Association Premises in Sin-El-Fil
-Basic Beekeeping Skills Training for Women in Seven Villages
-Construction of a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bteddine El-Lockch
-Equipping Amel Association Health Center in Khiam with a Dental Care Unit
-Provision of Furniture to the Maronite Asylum for the Elderly
-Rehabilitating the Rainwater Pool in Al Bustan
-Providing Medical Equipment to the Center for Development Services in Talia
-Providing Equipment and Constructing a Safe Access to the Institut de Reeducation Audio-Phonetique (IRAP)
-Completing an Additional Floor of Al-Hadi Institution for Deaf and Blind
-Rehabilitating and Providing Medical Equipment to Amel Association Center in Ersal
-Providing Educational Equipment to the School of Notre Dame de la Paix
-Providing an Electricity Generator to Women’s Cooperative Association for Food Processing in Wadi Al-Taym
-Rehabilitating the Girls Dormitory and the Playground of Father Robert’s Institute for Young Deaf
-Rehabilitating Al-Maqaiteh School


JFY2006 (11 projects, US$694,692)

-Providing Educational Equipment to Paradis d’Enfants School
-Rehabilitating the Kindergarten of Wadi El-Arayesh Socio-Medical Center
-Rehabilitating Kabbat Beshumra Charitable Association School
-Establishing a Teaching and Training Center at the Lebanese Sporting Club Association Premises in Bint Jbeil
-Providing Sewing Equipment to Sidon Orphan Welfare Society
-Providing Laboratory Equipment to Sisters of Charity of SVDP Medico-Social Emergency Center in Ain Ebel
-Constructing a Playground and Installing an Elevator at the School of Children with Special Needs in Aita Chaab
-Providing Educational Equipment to Imam Al Baqer School and Rehabilitating its Playground
-Providing Laboratory Equipment to Al-Zaaiter Charitable Association Medical Dispensary in Iaat
-Equipping the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training’s Dental Clinic in Rashidieh Palestinian Refugee Camp
-Equipping the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training’s Dental Clinic in Nahr El-Bared Palestinian Refugee camp


JFY2007 (9 projects, US$674,513)

-Improvement of Laboratory Equipments of Baakleen Medical Center
Rehabilitation Works for Ecole St Jean Baptiste
-Improvement of Socio-Medical Center of Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon
Improvement of Technical Equipments of Al-Tilal Vocational Training Center
Improvement of Medical Equipments of Ghobeiry Medical Center
Improvement of Medical Equipments of Association of Healthy and Social Work
Improvement of Medical Equipment of Syr El-Dinnieh Governmental Hospital
Improvement of the Operating Room for Nabatieh Hospital of Secours Populaire Libanais
Improvement of Water Tank in Hamman


JFY2008 (10 projects, US$643,646)

- Utilizing an Ambulance in Sarraaine El Faouqa
Improvement of Medical Equipments of Motherhood Committee in Lebanon - Aley Qaza
- Utilizing a Bus Equipped with a Lift for Disabled Children at the Al Emam Al Ouzaii School in Ouzaii
Improvement of Medical Equipments for Supporting the Socially Vulnerable
Improvement of a Medical Equipment of Al Shahar West Governmental Hospital
Utilizing Machinery for Environmental Improvement of Soujod
Utilizing a School Bus and Improving Educational Environment of The Divine Providence Center for Mentally Challenged People-Zgharta
Improving the Laboratory of General Health Center of Dar El Fatwa
Improving the School Building of Souren Khanamirian Secondary School in Fanar
Improving the Healthcare Environment of the Womens Drug Rehabilitation Center of Oum El Nour in Fatka


JFY2009 (9 projects, US$658,397)

- Providing the Fire Engines for Urban Community Al Fayhaa
- Rehabilitation of the Heating System in Al Sayyida Zeinab School and Orphanage
- Equipping the Child Welfare Center in Bourj Hammoud

- Construction at the Social Welfare Center of Women Progress Association in Nabatiyeh
- Improving Medical Equipment to Tekrit Charity Dispensary
- Improving Laboratory Equipment at Al Farouk Medical Centre
- Equipping the Mini Vegetation Cutter to Mines Advisory Group

- Improving Physiotherapy Equipment of the Medical Rehabilitation Center
- Improving Medical Equipment at the Center for Development Services in Zgharta


JFY2010 (8 projects, US$525,958)

- Providing medical equipment to Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD), at the Palestinian gathering of Qasmiyeh.
- Rehabilitating the general mechanic workshop of Father Afif Osseiran Foundation.
- Extending the Ain Anoub Official School in cooperation with the Ain Anoub Youth Uprising Charitable Organization.
- Equipping Norwegian People's Aid-Lebanon with magnetic locators for unexploded cluster munitions disposal.
- Rehabilitation of the orphanage roof at the Armenian Orphanage Birds Nest.
- Providing medical equipment to the Hadjen Socio-Medical Dispensary of the Armenian Education Benevolent Union.
- Rehabilitating a vocational training center for the Forum of the Handicapped in North Lebanon.
- Improving the fire fighting equipment of The Association for Forests, Development and Conservation.


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