Japan contributed to freeing Lebanon of explosive ordnance contamination due to conflicts in the northeast.

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On September 8, Ambassador Magoshi participated in a ceremony held at Ra’s Baalbek in celebration of freeing the country of explosive ordnance contamination generated by the conflict in northeast Lebanon, which the Government of Japan has contributed to achieve through a project implemented by Mines Advisory Group (MAG). The event was held under the patronage and presence of the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Jospeh Aoun.
In his speech, Ambassador Magoshi said that Japan’s assistance has not only supported the Lebanese Armed Forces in reinstating safety and security in the targeted regions but it also helped secure development and agricultural opportunities by enabling the communities to regain access to their lands and resources.
The Japanese Government has been supporting mine clearance efforts across Lebanon since 2001, and has so far extended $12.5M in grants to Lebanon in line with the Lebanese Army’s strategy to make the country free of mines and cluster munitions.