Ambassador Okubo’s Message on the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor

Photo of the Ambassador
Today makes the 62nd birthday of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito, which is celebrated as the National Day of Japan. I am pleased to share with you this occasion. Unfortunately, this year we have decided to refrain from hosting the annual reception due to the coronavirus pandemic. I pray from the bottom of my heart that the pandemic would end as soon as possible and that we would be able to return to our normal daily lives.
Japan and Lebanon are two countries united by a historical link. Both countries have gone through devastating wars but have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Though Lebanon has been facing the economic and energy crisis, yet I am confident that Lebanon will emerge from this critical juncture with the wisdom and strength of its people and recover its stability and prosperity.
Japan, as a friend in need, insists on maintaining its support for the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugees across numerous sectors, including education, health, food, water and energy. As well, Japan was, and still is, involved in restoring houses and buildings of public institutions which were heavily damaged by the Beirut Port explosion.
On this occasion, I hope that the required reforms will be carried out and the expected elections will be held without delay and pave the way for a new prosperous era in Lebanon, which is fundamental for the stability of the whole Middle East.
The Coronavirus pandemic will likely continue to give us difficulties, but I want to let you all know that I am more determined than ever to do my utmost to further strengthen the relations between Japan and Lebanon.
Okubo Takeshi
Ambassador of Japan to Lebanon