Ambassador Otsuka celebrates the completion of a project to improve the quality of medical services in Dekwaneh



Tuesday, June 7, 2016 – Ambassador Otsuka visited the Dispensary of Dekwaneh municipality upon the completion of a project funded by the Government of Japan consisting of the installation of an innovative high-tech echo graph in the Dispensary.


The Dispensary of Dekwaneh municipality had treated until now 100 000 patients receiving almost free of charge medical services. These services are provided by specialized doctors, nurses and employees. The ultimate goal of the dispensary is to promote the follow-up for chronic diseases to prevent complications while improving lives and the quality of medical records. Today, the center is facing growing demands from both Lebanese citizens and displaced Syrians.


Through the project, Japan assisted the municipality of Dekwaneh in installing the high-tech eco-graph that is essential for providing tests including, but not limited to, mammogram, gynecology, cardiology exams, in addition to free medical tests every Saturday.