Japanese Ambassador hosted a Children’s Day event for the children

with auditory difficulties




H.E. Mr. Seiichi Otsuka, the Ambassador of Japan in Lebanon, hosted an event for children with hearing impairment at his residence on May 12th 2016. The event introduced Japanese traditional festivals for children such as Dolls Festival (3rd of March) for girls and Children’s Day (5th of May) for boys. Both yearly occasions are celebrated by the Japanese people to wish for their children’s growth and happiness.

During the event, the children played with Japanese traditional toys such as “kendama” (known as “billeboquet” in Lebanon) and “origami” (paper folding). During the “Origami” session, Children enjoyed making boats and “Kabuto” (Samurai Helmets), which many kids make on Children’s Day in Japan.


Karate players of Kokushokuren ISKF Lebanon attracted the children’s full attention and interest during their performance. Afterwards, they taught them basic karate moves.

The Children came from four different organizations: “The Learning Center For the Deaf”, “Institut de Rééducation Audio-Phonétique”, “Father Roberts Institute for Young Deaf” and “Lebanese School for the Blind and the Deaf”.


All of the associations were partners of the Japanese Embassy to implement Grassroots Grant Projects in the past.


Children tried Japanese toy "Kendama"
Karate Workshop
The children made “Kabuto” (Samurai Helmets) with newspapers
Children from 4 NGOs joined the event