The MEXT Scholarship for College of Technology Studies


The Government of Japan offers scholarships to Lebanese nationals who wish to study at Japanese College of Technology between 17 and 22 years old. The scholarship program covers the following majors: (1) Mechanical Engineering; (2) Electrical Engineering; (3)Information, Communication and Network Engineering; (4) Materials Engineering; (5) Architecture; (6) Civil Engineering; (7) Maritime Engineering; (8) Other fields and will provide full coverage of tuition and monthly allowance to the students (see Application guidelines).


All the applicants are required to submit the relevant documents (Application formCertificate of healthMajors and Related Key Terms for Fields of Study) to the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon before 15:00 July 8, 2016.


P.S. Please note that the documents applied to the Embassy cannot be returned.


The schedule of screening is as follows:

  1. First screening: Documents

    2. Second screening: Writing exam

     3. Third screening: Interview

     4. Fourth screening: MEXT decision:                                September - January, 2016

     5. Final acceptance:                                                          January – February, 2017