Application Procedures
After the application form and accompanying documents are submitted to the Embassy of Japan, the following steps will be made:

1) Short listing of the projects: When the Embassy receives an application; the project is examined by Embassy staff, which pays particular attention to direct impact on people's livelihood, basic human needs, urgency and sustainability of the project. On this basis, potentially suitable projects for grant assistance will be selected.

2) Site visit: The Embassy staff will visit the site of the selected project, after which a decision will be made whether or not to provide grant assistance.

3) Examination of the project: The Embassy will consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to examine the content of the project.

4) Grant Contract: The Embassy of Japan and the recipient organization sign a Grant Contract. The Grant Contract contains the title, objectives and details of the projects, the name of the recipient organization, and a clause outlining the appropriate use of funds; and it specifies the maximum amount to be disbursed.

5) Disbursement of funds: The recipient organization must conclude procurement contracts with relevant suppliers for the delivery of goods and/or services. The contracts are carefully examined by the Embassy of Japan to verify that the costs and budget items are appropriate. Once it has approved the costs and received a signed request for payment from the recipient organizations, the Embassy will disburse the funds.

6) Implementation of the project: The grant should be used properly and exclusively for the purchase of the products and/or services necessary for the approved project. Once the grant funds have been disbursed, implementation of the project is expected to proceed in a timely manner, and in conformity with the agreed-upon timetable.

7) Audit by an independent auditor: An independent body will conduct auditing on the implementation of the Project and issue a report. The Organization is requested to provide the information needed by the auditor and cooperate with him in order to facilitate his task.

8) Reports: The recipient organization will be asked to provide an interim report during implementation. The final report must be accompanied by a financial statement and receipts showing how the funds were utilized.


Flowchart of Procedures:



Requirements for GGP

  1. Grant money must be spent within one year from the day when the grant contract is signed.
  2. Funds received must be used exclusively within the framework of the implementation of the project. The Embassy of Japan reserves the right to claim a refund of the grant if the funds are used for any purpose other than for the implementation of the project.
  3. The recipient organization will be requested to open a separate bank account for the implementation of the project in order to keep the financial transaction clear.
  4. Regardless of the project's starting date, grant funds shall be disbursed prior to March 31 (the end of the Japanese fiscal year).
  5. If the recipient organization finds that it has to modify the project plan for any unexpected reason, it must consult the Embassy and seek its prior approval.