Japan provides around 1 Million USD to support Mine Action Activities in southern Lebanon



The Embassy of Japan in Lebanon signed new grant contracts with two NGOs in Lebanon to fund the upcoming battle area clearance and mine action activities in Southern Lebanon. The two projects amount approximately 1 million US dollars.


The first grant contract was signed on November 21st 2016, with Lebanese Association for Mine and Natural Disaster Action (LAMiNDA). The Embassy provides up to USD 408,046 to cover the operational cost of one battle area clearance team, and to provide the necessary equipment for clearing unexploded cluster munitions in Southern Lebanon.


Also, on December 5th 2016, another grant contract was signed with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA). The Embassy provides up to USD 529,472, to fund one Battle Area Clearance team and one Manual Mine Clearance team, in addition to essential demining tools. This project is the first attempt by the NGO to initiate the minefield clearance along Blue Line Area.


LAMiNDA, is a national NGO that was established in 2014, with the aim to help alleviate the impact of wars, man-made and natural disasters on victims and affected populations. LAMiNDA launched its clearance activities in southern Lebanon in 2015, and is constantly organizing Mine Risk Education Sessions in the region. As for NPA, the international NGO has been active in Lebanon since 1982, assisting the country through a Development Program. After the 2006 aggressions, NPA launched the Humanitarian Disarmament Program, to address the threat of cluster munitions in the contaminated lands in Southern Lebanon.


Japan will continue to support organizations that are actively working in the Lebanese mine action field, in order to help the local population regain safe access to the contaminated areas.




Ret. Brig. General Badwi El Sakkal, President of LAMiNDA and H.E. Mr. Otsuka, Ambassador of Japan to Lebanon
Mr. Craig McDiarmid, Programme Manager of NPA and Mr. Yamanaka, Chargés d'affaires ad interim of Japan to Lebanon