How To Apply


If you are interested in GGP, please submit an application form to the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon.


When submitting your application form please note the followings:
1) In selecting projects for funding, the Government of Japan places a high priority on the impact and sustainability of the project. First and foremost, you must convince the Embassy that your organization is capable for managing the project and the impact of the project will last for at least five years. A detailed description of the past achievements of your organization would therefore be appreciated.
2) The Government of Japan cannot provide funding for salaries and other indirect costs (including maintenance cost). The operations of the project must therefore be independently financed by your organization. In order to convince the Embassy that you can maintain the project, you must show that you have sufficient funds to cover running costs.


Application Period
The call for applications starts the first day of the fiscal year, 1st of April of every year.
Applications should be made before 4 pm of 31 August.


Required Documents to submit
All documents must be in English or accompanied with an English translation.

The Japanese Government receives far more applications than it is able to support. Funds are therefore provided only for the most suitable projects after detailed examination and evaluation.
After a careful screening at the Embassy, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

N.B.: Pro forma estimates must be supplied for each budget item so that we can ensure value for money. You should submit estimates from three different suppliers wherever possible. In certain circumstances (e.g., in emergency situations, or where there are only a limited number of suppliers), the Embassy may waive the requirement for three separate estimates.


For further inquiries or information please contact the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon:
All the required documents should be submitted to the GGP Section at the Embassy by 16:00, 31 August 2017. (either by post or email).
Telephone: 01-98 97 51 ext. 402