The Embassy of Japan starts receiving applications

for grants


The Embassy of Japan announces that it has started receiving application from Lebanese NGOs, hospitals, primary schools, research institutes and other non-profit associations, seeking financial support in implementing their development projects.


This assistance programme, named "Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects" (GGP) funds development projects on the grassroots level that have a direct impact on the well-being of communities and assure Basic Human Needs (BHN).


The application procedures and eligibility requirements are now available on the Embassy’s website (


Application forms should be submitted to the Embassy before the beginning of September 2009. The Embassy advises those who are interested in this programme to get further information by calling the Embassy before preparing their application document. (01-989751/2/3 Ext.402.)


Japan’s Grassroots Grants Program has so far extended more than US$ 9 Million since 1996 to finance development projects in Lebanon. In Japanese Fiscal Year 2008, 10 projects were implemented through this programme.

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