Children in Beirut and Tripoli enjoy Anime Ambassador "Doraemon".

December 2008


The Embassy of Japan in Lebanon introduced Anime Ambassador "Doraemon" in two movie sessions held in Beirut and Tripoli. Anime Ambassodor was highly cheered by many children who came to see the movie.


1.Beirut at Saint Joseph University.

The Embassy of Japan held a Japanese cultural eventon October 27th. Many families came to participate in it and watched the movie.


2.Tripoli at Safadi Cultural and Sports Center.

Anime Ambassador "Doraemon" also visited Tripoli and was introduced to the public during the "Japan Week" that was held by the Embassy of Japan from November 5 to 12.


(c) Embassy of Japan in Lebanon

Serail Hill Area, Army St. Zokak El-Blat, Beirut, Lebanon


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