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Japan assists Association Centre Mar Semaan


Japan supports Association Centre Mar Semaan in renovating the roofs of their facilities, in order to prevent water leakages. Located in Wadi El Karm, the Centre provides residency, education and medical care for socially and economically deprived boys and girls.  


Ambassador of Japan to Lebanon Mr. Koichi Kawakami and Executive Director of the Centre, Mrs. Nayla Khodr, signed the grant contract of US$40,970 to this effect at the Embassy of Japan on 1 February 2012. 


This is funded by gGrant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP)h of Japan. Japanfs GGP supports development projects at grass-roots level proposed by such bodies as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and local governmental authorities in Lebanon. Japan has so far extended through GGP more than US$ 10.2 million since 1996.